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What are your rates and what services do you offer?
Please visit our "Services" or "Rates" page for detailed information. 

On what do you base your the number of pets, or the time spent?
Our rates are based on the minimum amount of time that it takes to provide excellent care for your pets and your home. The base rate includes care for two pets. Additional pets are $1 per visit each.

Do you have a suggested number of visits per day while I am away?
Dogs: For dogs that are confined to the indoors we prefer visits at least two times per day (AM and PM, or an overnight). If they have a doggie door to get outside to go potty, then one visit a day is acceptable. 

Cats and Small Animals: We prefer 1 or 2 visits per day. We can not do every-other-day visits. If something should go wrong while you are gone and it is not attended to quickly, it could become a very major problem. We want to eliminate that possibility.

Horses and other Large Animals: Twice a day is preferred

What is your policy on letting cats go outdoors?
If your cat is an indoor cat we will not let it outside. If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat and has free access to the outdoors, that is OK. However, please consider that in this area there are coyotes, bobcats, and other predators that pose a threat to your cat. We can not be responsible for the safety of your cat while outdoors. 

If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, but is confined to the house, we will not let him out while we are there, as there is no guaranty that he will return before we leave. We do not want your cat to be left out doors with no way to get back in.

Do you accept special needs pets and can you administer medications?
Please, feel free to discuss with me the needs of your pet. I have the skill and experience to care for most cases. 

Yes, I do have experience administering medications, including, and pills. Additionally, I am Pet CPR and First Aid Certified.

Do you have any restrictions on age, condition, or breed?
No! We have the skill and experience to care for special needs pets as well as 'senior' pets. Our in-home pet sitting service is ideal for puppies as they can be especially susceptible to diseases. You will not need to take the risk of your pet being exposed to other animals as he might be at a kennel.

For the health and safety of other pets that we care for, we will not care for pets that are ill with a contagious disease. If your pet has a contagious disease and you must be away from him, it is best to leave him with a veterinarian. 

The breed of your dog is not a factor in our ability to care for him.  We evaluate pets 'individually' for temperament and aggressiveness. (see the next question for more details)

Will you pet sit for my animal if he is aggressive?
Many dogs will display aggression due to fear. This is called 'fear aggression'. All that may be need is for the dog to become socialized with his sitter. Many close bonds have been established with this type of dog and their care givers. We offer to provide socialization visits with your pet and his intended sitter.  The fee is the same as a day visit. We ask that you be present at first to help your dog with this process. This service is also available for cats.  

We will not pet sit for 'red zone' dogs. Also, if we feel that our sitters' safety is in question, we reserve the right to discontinue service. These types of pets are better left in a kennel and we can give you the names and numbers of a couple of great ones in our area.

Who will be taking care of my pets?
Unless we are super busy, Laura the owner, will be your pet sitter. In addition to the owner of Peace of Mind we also have several highly qualified associate pet sitters. You will always meet with Laura at the consultation to receive your instructions and go over the necessary paperwork. If another pet sitter will be taking care of your pets, you will be given the opportunity to meet and approve the pet sitter. All pet sitters who work for our company are covered by our pet sitters insurance, have references, a clean background, and extensive experience taking care of animals. 

I have a last minute emergency or trip, are you available?
I do understand that sometimes things come up and I will always try to accommodate you if possible. I do ask that new clients have their initial 'get acquainted' visit, before I can care for their pets. I always appreciate as much advanced notice as possible, but please don't hesitate to phone me if you happen to have a last minute need for my service. 

Do you need my house key and how is it secured?
We have found that most of our clients want us to have their key on file. That way, if they have an emergency or a last minute trip, we can accommodate them immediately. We can also leave your key in  a designated place or return it later. There is a $10 fee to pick or return your keys. You also have the option of dropping it off and picking it up at our office. 

To assure our ability to gain access to your pets, I require the use of your door key.  We can not accept garage door openers and garage codes as the only method of entry. Those will not work if the electricity should go out. I will accept garage door openers or key pads as an alternative method, just not the only method.

If your key is kept on file with me, it is secured in a safe location known only to the myself (the owner of the company). None of my staff or associate sitters has access to those keys. Keys are dispensed to the sitters only as each job requires. They are collected back from the sitters as soon as the job has been completed.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
For daily visits, cancellations must be received before 48 hours of the scheduled visit.  For overnights stays, 10 days notice is required. Shorter notice could incur a 50% cancellation fee. I always appreciate plenty of notice of a cancellation. It affords me the time to re-book that time that I held in reserve for you.

Clients returning early or leaving late will be responsible for the dates and visits that they reserved. 

Will you leave notes for me to tell me how my pets did while I was gone? 
Yes. All sitters leave a check off sheet detailing the duties that were performed on behalf of your pets and home. We also leave a diary telling you how our visits went with your pets and /or any special happenings. 

What if I'm delayed getting home? What will happen with my pets?
I will ask that you call me so that I know you are back safe and ready to take over the care of your pets! 

I understand that things can happen to delay your return. Therefore, if I do not hear from you by the time that your pet would normally need a visit, I will try to call you. If I can not get in touch with you, I will continue service until I know that you are home safely. You will be billed accordingly. 

You can have 'Peace of Mind' knowing that your pet is receiving the care he is accustomed too.

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